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    Ways to Make Digital Marketing more Human

    We are all aware of how technology has eclipsed our lives. Everything is more or less automated today, and as per news artificial intelligence will soon take over many tasks that humans do. It is kind of a good news because there will be reduction in costs and reduction in human errors but too much technology reduces human interaction, and the lack of human touch can be a dark experience. Most companies are investing in digital media and social marketing, and questions are being raised on the missing human factor. Fortunately, digital marketing does not automate everything completely which is probably why digital marketing is still one of the more human technologies around.

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    We are listing a few ways on how you can make your digital marketing more human so that your target audience does not feel overwhelmed by technology:

    Do Not Automate Everything– There is technology that helps to automate almost everything that is done on social media, you need to make sure to automate only certain posts and hire social media executives to interact personally with audience. There are high chances of people losing interest if they keep receiving automated messages. Human emotions and interactions should be inserted in between.

    Personalize Marketing Messages– You most probably would have a target audience on mind, so explore buyer personas of your target audience and accordingly devise different marketing messages for each demographic. You need to properly explore and study different demographics and psycho-graphics of your target audience. You will come across as a more human-oriented company when you personalize your messages to suit individual tastes.

    Share Posts Concerning the Work Culture– There are no two ways about the fact that people like to see images that depict human actions. Share pictures with the audience if you are having an event in your office and things on similar lines. Upload pictures on your social profiles. Use these images as part of the brand narrative. Doing all of this will bring a human face to your company.

    Don’t Try and Sell constantly- Most people are into aggressive marketing messages which can put off your audience as they can seem too business-like. Instead of trying to selling at all times, share informative blog posts that will help your audience to understand something unique about your product or service. Get feedbacks about your products and services.

    Pay Rewards to your Loyal Customers at Offline Events– A very good way for a company in showing their human face is meeting their target audience offline. Search for your loyal customers and invite them for a retreat or an event organized offline. This can also turn into an important photo-op session which can be shared online again. This can prove to be a very fruitful digital marketing strategy.

    Reply your Customers– Try and ask questions to your followers as well as try and answer questions that people leave online, which are most likely to increase your prospects. It will also show a human side to you and would also show that you care for your customers as well, not just trying to aggressively marketing your products or services.

    It is important to keep things human alongside driving home the marketing messages through digital marketing. Engage with your audience as much as possible and do not automate everything. Following the above-mentioned steps will make sure that your digital marketing campaign will be more human.

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